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As we know Vietnam is a country with a rich culture and diversity. Besides that there are many famous traditional villages. They have been being at home and abroad. Speaking of towels and curtain weaving village everyone know to mention Hoa Xa village, Ung Hoa District, Ha Noi and Phung Xa village, My Duc District, Ha Noi. I am so proud to be born and raised there. Starting from fervent passion for this job.

Accomplish that day 11/07/2008 Thai Hoa Manufacture Trading and Service Co., ltd was established. Trading places in the village of Van Phuc, Ha Dong District, Ha Noi. Factory is locate in the village of Hoa Xa and Phung Xa village. There are 200 employees in my company. Due to the characteristics of villages we put machines in households in the village. Our company specializes production and exporting often the face cloths, towels, sports towels, napkins, towels gift.......100% cotton all kinds. And as customers' request. In recent years the company's products have been exported to markets such as Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand......Production constraints annual expors of more than 300 tons of company.

As always say, if you don't have customers, you don't have a business. With a proper guideline, with a great desire of all who are every day of how close to build a limited company in Thai Hoa Manufacture Trading and Service Co., ltd developtment and support of customer. We hope that will bring customer satisfaction, trust and maximum satisfaction of customer. our company has been constantly improving product quality, the company has transfered fom weaving machine to textile industry Jacquard looms used to produe high quality products and extensive code samples, besides company we are constantly creating new tissue saples to meet customer requirements so companies have created high confidence of domestic and foreign partners.

Our company always toards sustainable development with customers, so we are committed to bringing the absolute trust of customers coming to our.

Vu Thi Quy - Director

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  • Hotline 0936 701 979 / 0988096086
  • Skype: thaihoatowel
  • Email:
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